Board Members

UAB Visual and Performing Arts boards, comprised of area civic and business leaders, were created to support and promote the programs of the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts (AEIVA), Alys Stephens Center (ASC), ArtPlay Community Art Education (ArtPlay), and Arts in Medicine (AIM).

Corporate Board

  • Ray L. Watts, Chair
  • Charles D. Perry Jr., Immediate Past Chair
  • Harold L. Abroms
  • Jeffrey A. Bayer
  • F. Dixon Brooke, Jr.
  • Jane Stephens Comer
  • Kim Morgan Day
  • M. James Gorrie
  • Brenda Hackney
  • James T. McManus II
  • G. Ruffner Page, Jr.
  • Sanjay K. Singh
  • Mark Tarr
  • Nancy P. Watts

Advisory Board

  • Karen Piassick, Chair
  • Allen Montgomery, Immediate Past Chair
  • Gail L. Bayer
  • Annie K. Butrus
  • Karen N. Carroll
  • Lydia Cheney
  • Willie N. Chriesman
  • Elizabeth Crawford
  • Russell M. Cunningham
  • Neil E. Davis
  • Patty B. Driscoll
  • Rebekah Elgin-Council
  • Charles Goodrich
  • Gaynell H. Hendricks
  • Elizabeth Hamlin
  • Ron Houston
  • Rosilyn Houston
  • David Loper
  • Betty McMahon
  • Guy Mitchell III
  • Howard Neiswender
  • Dorothy D. Pak
  • Sasha Sealy
  • John H. Sellers
  • Courtney Stephens
  • Erin K. Stephenson
  • Rahul Thadani
  • Steven Thomas
  • Valerie C. Thomas
  • Janice F. Vickers
  • Portia Williams
  • Brian Willman

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