Reynolds-Kirschbaum Recital Hall Technical Specifications

Seating capacity

166 (plus 4 for Disability Access)

Stage Measurements

Apron Width – 40’ 8”
Proscenium Width – 24’ 9”
Stage Depth – 17’ 9”
Rear Wall – 16’ 7”
Ceiling Height – 15’
Screen to projector – 42’ 6”
Backstage wall to ROH – 52’
Stage Door – 5’ 11”w x 6’11”h
Lobby Door – 5’ 3”w x 7’ 7”h
Loading Door – 5’5” w x 8’ 8”w

The room is in a European, or “shoebox,” configuration with a short-thrust stage.


Batten Length – 46’
2 Motorized line sets, both electric

Dressing Room

One available dressing room 5’1” wide x 8’ 3” long with a bathroom, mirror and chair.


There is one Unison Lighting System Touch Screen capable of 4 cues, one of which must include house lights. There are 36 2.4K Dimmers. There is a standard front-and-down wash in a repertory configuration that occupies 22 channels.


Altman 6” Fresnels – 8
Altman PAR 56 – 3
Altman 6 x 9 ellipse – 11


The sound system, controlled by a Yamaha O2R console, feeds two MK2164 EAW speakers in a stereo configuration. Four TRC61 Renkus Heinz cabinets are available for a surround-sound configuration.

There is a small complement of Shure Microphones and Horizon Direct Boxes available for this venue.


EQ White Model – 4675


Denon CD Playback
DA-20 MKII Tascam DAT
DA-112RMKII Tascam Cassette


A Hitachi 4500-lumen LCD projector is available for computer, DVD or VHS hookup. A motorized front projection screen is located upstage.


There is a data line available at the control booth and down center stage position. A month’s notice and a fee are necessary to make them active for an event.


A 9’ Model D Steinway piano, tuned to A440, is available for use in this venue.