Odess Theatre Technical Specifications


Seating Capacity

150 (all seating is flexible.)

Stage Measurements

The stage measurements are the same as the entire available space of the room. Stage Width – 54’, Stage Depth – 41’6” Grid Height – 18, Stage Door – 6’6” X 7’8”, Loading Dock Door – 9’ x 9’6”, Loading Dock – 3’8”


There are 21 6’ x 4’ platforms. They are interchangeable.


Batten length – 46’. 4 Motorized line sets, one of which is electric.

Dressing Rooms

There are 2 available dressing rooms and one green room on Odess level.


There are 96 2.4k circuits with 12 circuits occupied by the architectural lighting system.

Instruments and Lighting Control

ETC Express Lighting Console – 1 36 degree – 30 Source 4 PAR – 20 Strand 8” Fresnel -12 3-color cya lights – 6 3-color strip lights w/lens – 4 Architectural PAR (house) – 13


The sound system, controlled by a Yamaha O3D console in the grid above the audience, has an East, West, North, South mains loudspeaker orientation using four EAW MK2164 with either four or six surround channels comprised of 6 Renkus-Heinz surround speakers. Speaker outputs and microphone inputs are distributed throughout the venue. All microphone inputs are normalized through the board. All speakers are patchable.


Symetrix Microphone Preamp, Tascam 112RMKII Cassette Recorder, Tascam DA-20 MKII DAT Recorder, Denon DN-2000F Dual CD Player, Audio Technica AT825 Recording/Monitor Microphone, 2 Shure SM58LC Dynamic Microphones


All intercom, paging and hall monitoring can be heard in all backstage areas. 2-channel Clearcom System, 4 belt packs and headsets, Audio Technica AT825 Recording/Monitor Microphone


Video ports are located throughout the theatre and in the dressing room. Routing is available. Video monitors will be added in the future.


There is 1 washer & dryer available.