Morris K. Sirote Theatre Technical Specifications

Seating Capacity

Orchestra – 200
Balcony – 143
Disability Access (Total) – 8

Total Seating – 351

Staging and Fly

System Stage Measurements
Stage Width (wall-to-wall, upstage of proscenium) – 69’6”
Stage Depth (at centerline) – 46’
Proscenium Width – 38’
Proscenium Height – 22’
Proscenium to Rear Wall – 36’
Stage Floor to Grid Height – 56’2”
Orchestra Pit (Covered) – Curved Front with 7’10” at center and 40’ SR to SL

Green Room & Dressing Rooms

Green Room equipped with refrigerator, ice maker, microwave, coffeepots, sink
4 Dressing Rooms (all have restrooms)
– 2 on stage level (dedicated)
– 2 on pit/basement level (stair access only)
All dressing rooms have audio-only stage monitors. Available washer & dryer, iron, steamer and 2 rolling costume racks (hangers not provided).

Theatre Access and Equipment

Covered Loading Dock Measurements
Dual Bay Loading Dock Height – 3’8”
Loading Dock Door – 9’h x 9’6”w
Direct-line access from dock to stage through scene shop. Entry onto stage is upstage center.
Fly System
34 Fly Lines
29 line sets, Single Purchase – 600 lb. capacity ea.
5 motorized electrics – 3,000 lb. capacity ea.
Batten Lengths – 46’
Braille Curtain – (Used as Main Act Teaser) Single-speed Motorized Guillotine Only Grand Drape- Motorized single-speed Travel or Hand-pulled Guillotine
2 Travelers – 1 @ midstage, 1 upstage – both act as legs
5 Borders 8’ x 46’
6 sets of legs 8’ x 24’, 3 sets as tabs
6 offstage flown sidelight ladders (3 SL, 3 SR : single-speed independently motorized) 15,000 lbs. of counterweights available


We are a dimmer-per-circuit facility. All dimmers are 2.4k ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls), mounted in Sensor96 racks. There are 384 20-amp circuits with 12 circuits occupied by the architectural lighting system. The lighting control console is the Expression3 by ETC (circa 1997). Note that, due to an extensive production schedule, we employ a rep hang. Custom lighting and specials are available on a limited basis and should be discussed in advance with the Technical Director.

Instruments and Lighting Control

19 degree Source 4 – 50
26 degree Source 4 – 30
36 degree Source 4 – 20
8” Strand Fresnels – 25
PAR Source 4 – 35
Strand Four Cell Flown Cyc Lights -12
(Note that there are no floor striplights)
Lycian Starklite II Spotlight – 1
ETC Expression3 Lighting Console – 1

Circuit Distribution

3 DMX Repeaters
5 Electrics on Stage with Motor Control – 40 circuits each
Six Motorized 6-Rung Side Light Ladders (3 SL, 3SR) with 6 circuits each

4 FOH Bridges

FOH 1 – 8 Circuits
FOH 2 – 24 Circuits
FOH 3 – 24 Circuits
FOH 4 – 8 Circuits

Stage Floor Circuits
Deck – 18 Circuits (Upstage only)
SR Proscenium Cove – 3 Floor Circuits
SL Proscenium Cove- 3 Floor Circuits

Pin Rail
SR- 9 Circuits
SL- 9 Circuits

Grid – 12 Circuits

Pit – 4 Circuits


The sound system, controlled by a Crest Century 32x8x8 console in FOH, has a left-center-right speaker configuration with EAW speaker cabinets. A 4-channel surround system powers Renkus-Heinz speakers. There are 4 patchable onstage monitor channels. Speaker outputs and microphone inputs are distributed throughout the theatre and accessible through the control booth patch bay.

Outboard EQ

3 DBX 1231       1/3 Octave Graphic EQ
1 DBX 2231       Stereo 1/3 Octave Graphic EQ


  • Yamaha SPX 2000 MultiFX Processor


  • Denon CD player
  • Tascam DA-20 DAT machine


We use a typical two-channel Clearcom intercom system that connects the Control Booth, Sound and Lighting positions, Backstage and Followspot positions. When needed, the Green Room and dressing rooms can be patched into the system. There are additional ports available throughout the venue. At present we have 10 belt packs and 10 headsets. There are also 2 wireless beltpacks.
There is a Paging System that addresses the Green Room, Dressing Rooms, and all backstage hallways.


Video ports are located throughout the theatre, dressing rooms and Green Room. Custom routing is available in the Control Room patch bay. There is one b&w stage monitor camera or one infrared camera on the rear FOH catwalk with monitors in the Green Room, Technical Office and Lighting Booth.

Risers & Platforming

(Note: The following stock is shared throughout the venue, primarily in the Jemison Concert Hall. Entire stock may not be available if used in another venue. It is strongly advised to advance with the Technical Director.) There is a full set of Wenger aluminum and composite risers typically used for orchestral and choral staging. This includes 10  6’ platforms, 26  8’ platforms, 1  2-step stair unit, 2  3-step stair units and 2 set-ups of various trapezoids for making choir configurations. All legs and step units are in 8” increments, with a maximum height of 32”. There are a full complement of handrails and chair rails available. There are also 8  Wenger 3-step standing choral risers.


  • 1 Washer & Dryer on stage level
  • 1 Washer & Dryer on pit/basement level
  • Iron, steamer and 2 rolling costume racks (hangers not provided).