Jemison Concert Hall Technical Specifications


The Jemison Concert Hall is a European-style concert hall, designed and built primarily to house and support symphonic, choral or other live music performances. Great care was taken during the design process to make the hall excel acoustically and to be visually beautiful. Note that there is limited/restricted access from the Loading Dock to the Stage (See Hall Access section.) It is strongly advised to contact the Director of Operations or the Technical Director prior to booking to ensure that the venue can adequately support your event or show. A virtual tour can be found HERE.

Seating Capacity

Orchestra – 464, Dress Circle (Lower Level Side Seating) – 87, Loge (Upper Level Side Seating) – 89, Mezzanine – 196, Balcony – 240, Choral Balcony (not used when Curtains are hung) – 243, Handicapped (throughout the Hall) – 18

Total Seating – 1319

Stage Specifications

  • Wall to Wall at Stage Apron – 63’
  • Wall to Wall at Upstage Wall – 31’8”
  • Depth of Stage at Center Line – 43’
  • Height (Main Seating Floor to Stage) – 3’6”
  • Catwalk Height (Stage floor to Catwalk) – 32’5”
  • Stage access from Main House Floor is via permanent steps with handrails

Green Room & Dressing Rooms

Stage Level: Green Room with tables, chairs, kitchen area, video & audio stage monitors. Lower Level: Star Dressing Room with shower, bathroom, video & audio stage monitors. 3 Dressing rooms: 12’x15’, 12’x26’, 12’x32’. All have audio only-stage monitors. Available washer & dryer, iron, steamer and rolling costume rack. There are 2 bathrooms at the stage level and 2 bathrooms with showers across from the dressing rooms on the lower level.

Hall Access and Equipment

Covered Loading Dock Measurements: Dual-bay Loading Dock Height, 3’8”. Note: Access to Stage is through 3 sets of doors: A.) Double glass doors [7’9”H x5’9”W], followed by a 90-degree left turn; then B.) Double steel doors [6’11”H x 5’2”W]; then C.) Either an Upstage door [8’H x 3’7”W] or a double Downstage door [8’H x 6’W].

Risers & Platforming

There is a full set of Wenger aluminum and composite risers typically used for orchestral and choral staging. This includes 10  6’ platforms, 26  8’ platforms, 1  2-step stair unit, 2  3-step stair units and 2 set-ups of various trapezoids for making choir configurations. All legs and step units are in 8” increments, with a maximum height of 32”. There are a full complement of handrails and chair rails available. There are also 8 Wenger 3-step standing choral risers.

Rigging & Soft Goods

There is no fly system in this venue. We have black legs that can be dead-hung on a per-show basis. This is not a standard feature of the hall, and any show wishing to utilize them should advance with the Production Department. Catwalk access to ceiling girders with a capacity of 6000 lbs. and 1 ton per point located above the main stage. Contact the Technical Director for more details.


There are video stage monitors backstage right and backstage left, as well as in the Green Room and Star Dressing Room. The stage monitor camera is located in the rear of the house, at catwalk level. Our inventory includes a 4500- or 5000-lumen LCD video projector, 10’ x 14’ RP screen and necessary cabling. Additional video distribution is available via BNC jacks on AVP plates throughout the hall, and are routed through the Video Distribution Amp and patch bay in the Jemison Concert Hall Control Booth.


WiFi is available, by special arrangement, throughout the venue (except in the Basement Dressing Rooms). Please advance this with Center Staff.


We use a two-channel Clearcom system that connects the Control Booth, Sound and Lighting positions, Backstage and Followspot positions. The Green Room, dressing rooms, Box Office and lobbies can be patched into the system. There is a Paging System that addresses the Green Room and Dressing Rooms.

Sound Systems

The Jemison Concert Hall audio system is designed by Meyer Sound for the Alys Stephens Center and tuned by ProSound of Florida, as a vendor of Meyer Sound equipment. This system, installed in 2015, consists of LYON arrays with 9 cabinets L/R, center cluster of 2 JM-1P cabinets, 6 UPJ-1XP for coverage of the Choral Balcony (which encompasses the stage), optional front fill consisting of 5 UP-4XP, and 4 optional LFC 1100 cabinets. Galileo Callisto processing. MAXIMUM PERMITTED PERFORMANCE SPL 96dB.

FOH gear

  • Sound Boards (FOH) Yamaha PM5D
  • (Control Booth) Allen and Heath
  • Playback & Recording
  • Tascam DA-20 — DAT
  • FOH Tascam CD-RW900SL
  • Control Booth Tascam CD-RW900SL


Brand Model Quantity
Shure SM57 5
Shure SM58 3
Shure SM58 – Wireless 2
Shure Beta58 4
Shure SM81 18
Shure 460B 1
AKG C414B 2
AKG C535EB 4
AKG C547BL 1
EV N/D 357B 4
EV N/D 868 1

DI Boxes

Brand Model Quantity
Rapco ADB+8 6
Horizon SL-4 Quad 2
Whirlwind IMP 2 2


9’ Model D Steinway piano tuned to A440. (No other tuning is available.) 2 Steinway upholstered, adjustable piano benches and a gooseneck piano light are available.

Stage Lighting

We are a dimmer-per-circuit facility. All dimmers are 2.4k ETC, mounted in Sensor96 racks. There are 196 20-amp circuits located on the catwalks. There are an additional 22 dimmers  hard-wired into the architectural lighting system. The control console is an ETC Impression 2. Note that we employ a rep hang. Custom lighting and specials are available on a limited basis and should be discussed in advance with the Technical Director.

Lighting Instruments

Brand Model Quantity
ETC Source 4 Leko (HPL575) 19 23
ETC Source 4 Leko (HPL575) 26 39
ETC Source 4 Leko (HPL575) 36 16
ETC Source 4 PAR (HPL575) 56 33
Strand (1k) 8” Fresnels 18
Followspots – Lycian Starklite 1200W HMI Followspot 2 (at 3rd. FOH catwalk)

Other Equipment

  • 2 Lecterns
  • 1 Wenger Conductor’s music stand
  • 1 Wenger carpeted Conductor’s Podium @ 6”h x 2’6”w x
  • 1 Wenger carpeted Conductor’s Podium @ 6”h x 3’7”w x
  • 6 Wenger black fabric upholstered bass stools
  • 160 Wenger black fabric upholstered musicians’ chairs
  • 90 Wenger black music stands
  • 18 music stand lights
  • 16 Chauvet Spot 450, 10 flown in permanent positions