Available Positions

Assistant House Manager

Under the direction of the House and Events Manager, this position is responsible for assisting with the coordination/house management of various events and activities at the Alys Stephens Center (ASC), Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts (AEIVA), and ASC’s ArtPlay. Duties include audience management, crowd control, lobby preset and strike, as well as addressing and meeting the needs of event clients and patrons. Assists with the management and supervision of a team of event personnel, ushers, and UAB Ambassadors and work study students during events at ASC, AEIVA and ArtPlay. Assists with the coordination of efforts between the event client, box office staff, artist representative, catering personnel, housekeeping staff, maintenance personnel, parking, security and technical personnel to ensure events are executed in a safe and efficient manner. Ensure the safe and smooth transition into and out of the performance venue for all guests. Acts in a leadership capacity to implement emergency response protocol when necessary.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the safety and security of each facility (ASC, AEIVA and ArtPlay) and all occupants during, before and after a public event. This involves all “front of house” (outside of the performance venues) activity and close coordination with tech, box office, catering, artist hospitality, security, maintenance, housekeeping, etc.
  2. Supervise the execution of guest related services necessary for events hosted at or by each facility, coordinating with both internal ASC departments and outside entities for arrangement of services by internal departments and outside vendors, in compliance with UAB policies and procedures related to such events, and under the direction of the Operations team.
  3. Responsible for maintaining accurate event related documentation, including but not limited to event reports, incident reporting, attendance counts, event tracking forms, etc.
  4. Responsible for the enforcement of ASC policies related to use of kitchen space and all ASC areas by outside groups for catering services during an event.
  5. Respond to and accommodate any patron requests for assistance or accessibility accommodations during an event. Possess a working knowledge of ADA requirements relevant to a public performance venue and accommodate patrons accordingly.  Respond to any patron requests or issues, as needed.  Contact and interface with Emergency or Medical Response Team in the event of an emergency.
  6. Assist with the management and supervision of a corps comprised of part time staff, volunteer ushers and UAB Ambassadors.
  7. Assist in the coordination with UAB Parking, Valet Service, Caterers, Equipment Suppliers and other event related vendors to oversee and provide related support during events held at each facility (ASC, AEIVA and ArtPlay).
  8. Direct pre-event usher and house manager meetings, informing staff of all details relevant to the event, addressing any special needs or requests, and assigning specific roles and duties as needed. Work closely with tech stage managers to determine appropriate time for house open, intermission, etc. keeping the team apprised of any delays or issues that might prevent an on-time start.  Monitor box office and will-call queues and assists as needed.  Coordinate with all security personnel and artist hospitality coordinator ensuring all entrances and exits are properly secured, as per house policy and artist requirements.  Oversee lobbies and outdoor areas during a performance and monitor the late admission of patrons into a venue, per the requirements of that event.  Coordinate with housekeeping staff as needed to ensure all areas are clean and well-maintained at all times.  Coordinate with maintenance staff to address any facility issues (HVAC adjustments, facility repairs etc).  Coordinate with catering staff to ensure an appropriate schedule for bar and food service (open, close, strike)
  9. Possess a working knowledge of the ASC ticketing system and ticket scanners to operate, troubleshoot and train others in the operation of these systems and devices.
  10. Responsible for ensuring the safety of all patrons and building occupants, and should possess a thorough knowledge of the facilities Emergency Response Protocol, and be prepared to implement and supervise the execution of this plan if necessary.

Minimum and Desired Qualifications:

  • High School diploma or GED

Preferred Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of and appreciation for a wide variety of performing arts disciplines, artists, styles and genres
  • Emergency response / management and facility management experience
  • Strong leadership and communication skills, including ability to encourage and energize team members
  • Ability to function in a high pressure environment and to provide prompt resolution to customer concerns
  • Experience in live event management, ticketing, event planning and catering experience strongly desired
  • Proficiency in computer technology, particularly event-related software systems such as venue management programs, staff scheduling and task assignment software, ticketing systems, event layout software, Word, Excel, Outlook, Microsoft 365, etc

Please contact Bryan Jones, Director of Operations, for more information: bwjones@uab.edu.