AEIVA Presents Warhol Revisited

Opening Reception: January 12 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

AEIVA kicks off its 10th Anniversary celebration by revisiting one it’s most popular exhibitions to date. Warhol Fabricated Revisited pulls from AEIVA’s impressive collection of original works by legendary artist Andy Warhol, along with loans from The Andy Warhol Museum and local art collectors.

Additionally, this exhibit will present a dynamic selection of works from artist Charles Lutz, whose infamous Denied series draws attention to the still-relevant complications involving production, appropriation, authenticity, and the market value associated with Warhol’s work. Lutz’ hand-painted, Warhol replicas address the confounding and complex topic of how value in various forms, including intrinsic, artistic, cultural, societal, and monetary value is assigned to works of art.
IMAGE CREDIT // Charles Lutz Triple Elvis, 2011 Silkscreen and aluminum paint on canvas with artist’s replica of the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board’s Stamp DENIED 82 inches by 72 inches. Courtesy of the Artist


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