Suggested Grades: 3-12 MTA: Quentin Morris

Join AEIVA on a 30-minute tour featuring AEIVA Exhibitions customized to your group and followed by a hands-on activity with a teaching artist.  Each tour can feature interactive elements with the theme, concept, and ideas portrayed and conveyed by the artwork.

Quentin Morris: Black Meditative features a selection of paintings that span five decades of the artist’s career. Philadelphia-based artist Quentin Morris uses a variety of mediums to explore issues surrounding identity, race, spirituality, and cultural mythologies. Morris has focused on monochromatic black paintings in the shapes of circles and squares since the early 1960s. The integration of schools in Philadelphia impacted Morris as an adolescent and still influences his work today. Through his paintings, Morris is able to process his ideas on race, ethnicity and culture, while at the same time constructing a social commentary on the Civil Rights Movement. Morris wants the viewer to take an intense look into his deceptively simple paintings – understanding that the color black is both beautiful and complex.

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