Meet The Artist Series Alabama Symphony Orchestra “Building Blocks of the Symphony”

Perfect for our youngest concert goers, our Explorer Concert Series helps to lay a firm foundation for music appreciation by introducing listeners to the instrument families of the orchestra and beginning musical terms. Similar to how we build houses, skyscrapers and even cities, students will learn how music is built or constructed focusing on musical concepts and their correlation with STEAM concepts. Lesson plans to prepare students for their experience at the symphony will be focused around science, technology, engineering, and math! How do musicians count? Why does a woodwind instrument sound the way it does? What are the building blocks composers use to write a piece of music? We can’t wait for you to come discover these lessons as told by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra at our concert hall!

Suggested Grades: Kindergarten – 5th

Wondering what this amazing experience might look like?
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This event is sponsored in part by 

The Beacon Foundation

This program is supported by the Alabama Arts License Tag Grant Program, which aims to promote the arts in Alabama, especially arts education, including visual arts, folk arts, and performing arts programming.


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