IndiaFest Family Day

Sat, Apr 21 | 2-5pm
IndiaFest Family Day
Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts
(1221 10th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205)
FREE | Presented by AEIVA, UAB’s Department of Art and Art History & Alys Stephens Center

Bring the kids and enjoy an afternoon of fun for the entire family! Activities will include visual arts projects for children, Indian mandala coloring for all ages, Indian rangoli making in the Art Plaza, and other activities celebrating Indian arts and culture.

Dance performance and workshop from 2:00 -2:45 p.m.
Henna artists
Craft tables for kids!
A series of short films from India in the auditorium
Mandala-coloring and rangoli-making for adults and kids!
Indian Food
And more…

Short Films:
is the story of two boys, both beggars on the streets of Mumbai directed by Digvijay Chauhan. The film narrates the incident of a day in the life of these boys at a traffic signal, where they both struggle for survival. Shot in Canon 550 D, the film was screened at MAMI 2011.

Sanjay’s Super Team 2016 Oscar short
This seven-minute film follows the life of a boy, named Sanjay, who loves to indulge in daydreaming when his father sits to meditate. He often dreams Hindu gods as superheroes. Directed by Sanjay Patel, the film was nominated for the Academy Award.

Tubelight Ke Chand 
With incredible music and sound design, this innocent film by Shlok Sharma takes us back to the good old days of childhood. With almost no dialogue, the film does a great job of keeping the viewer engrossed. The lead protagonist of the film, master Mohammed Shariq delivers a wonderful performance which makes the short a treat to watch.
Once upon a time in KOLKATA there lived a lonely little boy called Tubelight (Moon). His daily routine included washing yellow taxis and making them sparkle like pure gold. But where is the twinkle in his lonely life? Love comes to his rescue… the boy falls in love with queen of the night sky-the Moon. With a single minded determination he tries to get hold of this miracle straight from the sky but in vain. He realizes it is impossible. Is pure love always unrequited? An award-winning Bengali short film about the little boy`s love for the moon told through vividly lucid visuals in the backdrop of the languid city of Kolkata suddenly plunged into darkness.

The Message | Award Winning Animated Short Film | India | 2017
A symbolic 3D rendered object animation short film on a socially relevant issue. A truck, stuck in the middle of nowhere, represents a social system…. and what message it hints at is a thing to experience…. Strenuous task of 3D modelling and one year of patient rendering comprising 8000 frames envisions this technically brilliant, artistically creative and socially sensitive experience for one and all.

Bruno & Juliet (Dir: Khawar Jamsheed)
This is a conventional love story. The one raised with all the riches yearns for the simple life and the one who roams the streets is just looking for love but the protagonists aren’t humans, but dogs. This adorable short film is the love story between two dogs, Bruno and Juliet. They belong to different worlds, one searches the streets for her next meal while the other lives a lavish life but it’s love that brings them together.

subtitles; 7:16
This emotional short film revolves around a little girl ‘Ambu’. She is forced by her father to sell balloons against her wish. Irony of Ambu is that she sells colorful balloons to the children though in her vision the balloons and the world is black n white. One fine day her destiny takes her inside and she is able to enjoy the fun. But is it the whole truth? Or will she have to go back to her life, which is full of misery?

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