Spring 2020 Exhibition Focus IV Eclipse of the Hudson River School: Selections from the Koleszar Collection

The Hudson River School is known as the first American artistic fraternity which began in the mid19th century under artist Thomas Cole, a British immigrant who brought with him the emotive and imaginative European influence of Romanticism. After Cole’s death, the movement known as the Hudson River School rose to prominence highlighting the natural beauty of America. This artistic movement, focusing on sweeping landscapes, played a part in the westward expansion of America, propelled by the increasing popularity of Manifest Destiny. But in the mercurial landscape of a growing nation, the Hudson River School’s popularity fell as quickly as it rose. Focus IV explores the rise and fall, as well as the consequences, of this impactful, yet short-lived artistic movement.

Focus is a series of exhibitions that spotlights local and regional private art collections in the Southeastern United States. Focus IV: Eclipse of the Hudson River School / Selections from the Koleszar Collection highlights work from the Birmingham-based collection of Bill and Elizabeth Koleszar.

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