UAB's Department of Art and Art History Film screening: Queen

Presented by UAB’s Department of Art and Art History

Film screening: Queen (Vikas Bahl, 2014)

Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is all set for her wedding and honeymoon, but in the heat of joyous ceremonies and wondrous preparations, her egotistical fiancé, Vijay (Rajkummar Rao), calls it off. Just the day before the wedding, she’s left alone in desperation and hysterical tears. The unexpected news shatters her innocent and customary dreams, but her honeymoon tickets to Paris and Amsterdam are still booked, and she ends up on an adventure visiting the local clubs and even a sex shop with a group of expats. In a quirky journey of self-discovery, Rani realizes her potential and gains the confidence to take control of her own life.

With humorous dialogue and a bittersweet storyline, Queen has obtained both critical acclaim and commercial success since its release. Directed and written by Vikas Bahl and with the star talents of actress Kangan Ranaut, this spirited feature liberates the traditional limitations of being a young woman in Delhi, India.

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