AEIVA Presents Delrico Gibson: Strings of Gratitude

On February 29, 2020, just weeks after opening his family’s new restaurant, a devastating kitchen explosion engulfed artist Delrico Gibson in flames, resulting in severe burns to most of his body. Gibson’s burns were so catastrophic that they literally reshaped the structure of his bones and fused his fingers together.

Gibson’s 2023 AEIVA exhibition Strings of Gratitude literally weaves a story of survival and represents the artist’s deep appreciation for the health care professionals who saved his life. Gibson describes his works as ‘symmetric abstract design string art’ and until recently, it was believed that he might never make art again.

After months of treatment, UAB surgeons, doctors, therapists, and caregivers have helped Gibson regain the dexterity needed to create his intricately vivid designs. Composed primarily of re-purposed wood, nails, and wound yarn, each work of art on display at AEIVA represents a specific person who played a vital role in the artist’s recovery journey. Gibson’s artwork and his drive to recover the ability to continue creating it are an inspiration to all who meet him.

AEIVA is proud to host Delrico Gibson’s first solo museum exhibition. This exhibition is free and open to the public.

IMAGE CREDIT // Delrico Gibson Sr. RED HOT BLACK LOVE, 2023 Synthetic and metal fibers, metal, on wood Dedicated to Jackie Gibson.

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