AEIVA Presents Amanda Ross-Ho: Untitled Inventory (CATALOGUE IRRAISONNÉ)

Opening Reception: January 12 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Amanda Ross-Ho’s work is a form of experimental archival research, driven by conflicting impulses towards sentimentality and clinical objectivity. Embracing contradictions between forensics and theatre, her work’s aim is not to establish clarity or secure links to the past, but to closely analyse, disarticulate, and exaggerate artifacts into poetic forms. The resulting reconfigurations suggest a type of liberated futurity. Her work aims to monumentalize the transitory and often corrupted relationships between time, form, witness, and memory.

Untitled Inventory (CATALOGUE IRRAISONNÉ), is a new installation by Ross-Ho, devised specifically for AEIVA to address the archive as subject, empirical pursuit, and an opportunity for fictive and theatrical abstraction.


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