Teaching Artists on the Road

Teaching Artists on the Road offers hands-on opportunities for students to experience and engage with the arts. Programs are available to schools in Jefferson County, Shelby County and Blount County.

These six-week programs come to the classroom for one hour, once a week. The program structure is the same for each grade and adjusted to the ages of the class. Prior to the start date, teachers will receive curriculum materials and are required to participate in all classroom activities.

We bring the arts to you.

Give your classroom an arts experience they will never forget.

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African Dance

LaVondia Bryant-Square, Teaching Artist

Grades K-12

LaVondia will take students on a journey through the history of African Dance from the countries of Guinea, Mali and Senegal. Students will learn how to utilize body language and dance to communicate, work as a team, build their confidence and develop an appreciation for African cultures. This workshop is great for all ages.

Watershed Workshop

Charles Tortorici, Teaching Artist

Grades 3-7

In this workshop the students learn about the watershed and its importance, gaining knowledge about its interdependent plant and animal species. Through the use of creative writing, song, visual art and movement the watershed workshop comes alive. The Watershed Workshop is great for all classes, especially Life Science.

Poet's Café Workshop

BeShaun Leavell, Teaching Artist

Grades 5-12

Through the use of poetry and spoken word, BeShaun will show students how to utilize grammar, foster trust and empathy in the classroom, and express themselves creatively. Speaking and listening skills will be enhanced, and students will gain a deeper understanding of the history and purpose of spoken word. The Poet’s Café is great for all classes.

The Theatre Project

David Roby, Teaching Artist

Grades K-12

With his knowledge of theater David leads students through a journey that will develop not only acting skills and a love for the stage, but life skills also. Over the course of the workshop students will improve their communication skills and creative writing ability. The Theatre Project is great for all classes particularly English language arts and reading.