Gaynell Hendricks – Advisory Board

I have so many stories I could share, but one that is personal to me is how the Alys Stephens Center helped shape my son’s musical career. My husband and I are patrons of the arts and always exposed our children to the arts. My son quickly latched on singing and piano. He joined the church choir, high school choirs and took private music lessons.

As a young boy, he volunteered to work as an usher and all-around handyman at ASC. When ASC had a gift shop, Chamese (Chamzee), the shop director, would always offer my son volunteer opportunities, especially when vocalists were performing. She would allow him to sneak in the back and watch the performances. While in college, during the summer break, he was allowed to work backstage and learn the technical aspect of performances. The full-circle moment occurred when he was asked to return to ASC and perform with a well-renowned conductor and group during Black History Month. His fellow students at Southern Methodist University could not believe that his hometown embraced him and welcomed him home in such a grand fashion!

He has since established his vocal group, Vox Fortura, and is very successful traveling the world. Thank you, ASC!


In honor of the 25th anniversary season of the Alys Stephens Center, we are collecting stories of your ASC experience and your hope for the next 25 years of performing arts at the ASC.