Alys Robinson Stephens and Elton B. Stephens

Debbie Maggard

When the ASC opened I worked for Elton B. Stephens at EBSCO at the time. Mr. Stephens had excellent seats with season tickets to everything but for the first year he asked that his seats rotate to different areas of the ASC. He wanted to personally make certain that every area of the ASC experienced the same sound quality to properly honor Mrs. Stephens. She believed that everyone should have access to music and the arts. Mr. Stephens had me print a seating chart and mark all the areas he sat in with the events he attended. According to our final tally every seat had the same acoustic quality. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady.




In honor of the 25th anniversary season of the Alys Stephens Center, we are collecting stories of your ASC experience and your hope for the next 25 years of performing arts at the ASC.