Dana Pharo – Staff

When my husband was a student, he was in the UAB Talent show at the Alys Stephens Center. They rehearsed here for a couple of days, and I knew he liked me. We had gone to lunch many times as friends because his office was near mine.

All during rehearsal I had been ignoring him because I was pretty sure that he was singing a song he wrote about me. He had dumped me a few months before after a few dates. I had helped set his piano and his mike for his performance in the competition. . My friend Barron was on the sound board, and I believe Karl was running lights at that time. I am backstage on headset between acts.
“Hey Dana, the mic is slipping.”
I go fix it and come back.
“It’s slipping again.”
I go fix it with my wrench this time so that it doesn’t sink into his piano while he is playing.”
Laughingly, “Dana, you gotta go fix that.” We all pretty much know this song is about me, not just a cute song lyric.

I go out to mic. Kneel at the piano and try to look “invisible in black” by not looking at the audience or moving so that he can finish his song. After the comedian stopped roasting me, we went on with the show.

There are many tales. This is my favorite.

Long story short, he got 3rd place, and despite my being in a relationship, invited me to pizza. I went. Several months go by, we get back together. We date seriously about a year and then get married. I still work here more than 20 years after the “Pharo Incident.’

In honor of the 25th anniversary season of the Alys Stephens Center, we are collecting stories of your ASC experience and your hope for the next 25 years of performing arts at the ASC.