Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater (SPDT) is an internationally recognized performance company, founded in 1978 by Stuart Pimsler, and co-directed with Suzanne Costello since 1984. The company has been presented throughout the US and internationally in Canada, Europe, Israel, Taiwan, Russia, Bermuda, China, and Mexico. SPDT’s community inclusive work, which engages a diverse array of groups - students, caregivers, audiences, and community members - has been lauded as a “National Model” by The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and its Arts & Healthcare work has been recognized for “Best Practices” by the National Endowment for the Arts. »  SPDT joins ASC and ArtPlay for a weeklong residency that will present workshops to ArtCare facilities. Through ArtCare, ArtPlay offers programs specifically designed to engage older adults in health improvement and life enhancing activities through the arts. Research shows that regular participation in arts programs help minimize age-related physical and cognitive impairments, and contributes to better physical, intellectual and emotional health. Some successful programs use the arts to address issues and work with individuals that suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia and depression. »  This residency was designed to serve and promote creativity in aging. Along with other UAB departments*, SPDT will be working with professional and family caregivers, patients, and residents of independent and assisted living facilities. These studies have demonstrated that, compared to a control group, creative people enjoyed these benefits:


                                                      -They stayed healthier longer and enjoyed health more.
                                                      -They required fewer visit to health care providers.
                                                      -They used fewer medications.
                                                      -They were more outgoing, more exuberant and their morale was higher.
                                                      -Creatives were more socially active and therefore less lonely.
                                                      -They appeared more optimistic.


SPDT will be in residence from Feb 29 – March 5, with a public performance on March 5. Come see a different side of ASC.


Public Residency Workshop Schedule

Monday, Feb. 29: Caring for the Caregiver** (Family) Workshop 1-3PM
ASC's Sirote Theatre


Thursday, Mar. 3: AIM Arts Experience Performance 12-1PM
 2nd Floor, North Pavillion


Friday, Mar. 4: Caring for the Caregiver (Professional) Workshop 12-2PM
UAB Hospital, West Pavillion Conference Center Room C


Saturday, Mar. 5: Pre-Show with the Sugarbabies 1:15-1:30PM
ASC's Lower Sirote Lobby


SPDT Final Performance 2PM
Sirote Theatre


All workshops and performances listed above are FREE and open to the public.

**These workshops seek to foster stronger relationships and understanding among teams of staff members as well as between caregivers and their patients.



*Other departments we will engage with include:

UAB Theatre Department, UAB

UAB Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Care

Acute Care for Elders (ACE),

UAB  Dept of Psychiatry